How an Industry Alliance Leverages New Business Success


SPG prides themselves as a value-added technology distributor, operating since 1992. SPG offers innovative solutions and services across North Africa and contributes to the growth of their partners by providing them with the support they need to drive profitability and sustainable competitiveness. Aiming to be more than just a distributor, they anticipate and produce added value for their resellers and suppliers to act as a real strategic partner.


SPG actively contributes to the development and adoption of best practices across all areas of business. After their strategic transformation in previous years, it was a perfect match when they joined the GCN Group to begin their digital transformation across their primary functions and remain competitive in the market. GCN and SPG worked closely to integrate KATY platform to streamline internal and external processes as they continue to expand their portfolio. By prioritizing and automating their distribution process, KATY platform helped digitally drive operational improvements and cost benefits.

With a multi-integrative software platform, SPG can focus their efforts on strategic business opportunities. GCN Group provided SPG with an an already established B2B platform amongst top vendors, allowing SPG to leverage new vendor agreements which, as a result, is how SPG successfully added Microsoft CSP to their portfolio.


As a long-standing partner of world-renowned manufacturers such as Sophos, Symantec, Forcepoint, and Broadcom, SPG already has a proven track record of providing the best services and sustainability of business investments. With their digital transformation finalized and a robust industry reputation, SPG is in a key position to secure new vendor contracts.

By capitalizing on the GCN Group global network of local IT distributors, they began negotiations with Microsoft CSP with thanks to Microglobal, the GCN Group partner in Argentina. As an integrated vendor on KATY platform, through Microglobal, with a strong history of profitable transactions, it provided the confidence for Microsoft CSP and SPG to move forward to secure an agreement for SPG’s operational markets. The synergy between Microsoft CSP and KATY resulted in SPG to be a good fit as their distributor in northern Africa. Additionally, the launch of Microsoft CSP was seamless for SPG due to the advanced functionalities of KATY platform and Microsoft’s prior understanding and trust of the B2B platform.


SPG’s mission has always been focused on technological innovation by continuously developing its catalog of products and solutions that it represents. With KATY platform integrated and taking advantage of the GCN Group, SPG continues to benefit from the success of its digitalization process and can contribute to the symbiotic relationship developed through its new strategic alliance in GCN Group. Building connections and creating a strong industry network is extremely valuable for long-term success and unlocking new business potential.

“The opportunity to add Microsoft CSP to our portfolio was made possible with the support of Microglobal and the synergy created by GCN. Through the adoption of KATY platform, we have been able to utilize industry-based connections that would not have been available to us otherwise to integrate key vendors such as Microsoft CSP efficiently to our markets.” Amel Zghal, Executive General Manager