Harnessing the Digitalization of CVA Marketplace to Drive Business Success

Grupo CVA, Mexico’s best option as a technology provider, is a leading distributor dedicated to the commercialization and distribution of the best brands to provide IT solutions. With 34 branches strategically located throughout the country, Grupo CVA meets the logistical and inventory needs of distributors with their wide catalog of brands and products.

To leverage digital transformation and accelerate their business, Grupo CVA partnered with GCN Group to empower their local business, gain global competitive advantage and manage the complexity of the digital age. By implementing a software intelligence platform for their network of vendors and resellers, Grupo CVA has built a solid foundation for business optimization through people, process and technology.

Paired with a successful launch campaign to drive brand awareness, platform knowledge, and engagement, Grupo CVA has generated positive feedback, increased vendor visibility to their reseller network, and improved stakeholder relationships by joining the GCN Group.


Through Grupo CVA’s collaboration with the GCN Group, their vendors have directly been able to reap the benefits and gain a competitive advantage. Grupo CVA’s vendors have increased sales rapidly and efficiently since the launch CVA Marketplace, with Bitdefender doubling sales and Microsoft quadrupling their sales within 3 months. By utilizing the new platform, vendors have also increased their visibility to resellers, opening new opportunities and driving awareness with better impact and less upfront cost.

Additionally, companies within the Grupo CVA distribution, such as Sophos, are now developing API to work directly with the platform to implement digital initiatives and streamline sales.


CVA Marketplace has improved operational performance, allowing resellers to cut order processing time from 72 hours to immediately. By providing a great tool for internal systems and processes, Grupo CVA can provide a better customer experience and adapt to stay ahead of the digital channel.

Not only is the new adopted platform a marketplace, but it is also an ecosystem allowing interactions between its users. Data repositories are streamlined into one single platform (datasheets, videos, presentations) and content support (such as training and webinars) are available. Grupo CVA has also deployed revenue sharing with their resellers as an added value of the platform and created loyalty amongst their network from the boost in revenues.


Working together with GCN, Grupo CVA has optimized their sales whilst lowering their operational costs to retain higher margins. By utilizing their new marketplace, Grupo CVA has reduced their time to resolve cases to focus more on customer satisfaction. Grupo CVA can invest more time building stronger relationships rather than spending time on manual data process flow or issue controls.

Grupo CVA has gained efficiency and transformed the way they deliver their services and ability to scale using the platform. Looking into the future as a member of GCN Group, Grupo CVA can confidently compete with current global distributors, obtain better agreements with vendors, and capitalize on the power of being under one big international group.


Digitalization has presented opportunities across the business for CVA, from optimizing the way they interact with all members of their network to how they position themselves against their competitors. Embracing digital transformation has expanded their digital capabilities and improved their operational efficiency and growth for both their vendors and resellers. CVA’s active participation within the GCN Group is key to fuel ongoing success, transformation initiatives and mastering the journey through a global alliance.

“We are integrating between 30 to 50 resellers from our current portfolio into the platform each week as sales continue to grow and our resellers are directly seeing the benefits. Since the launch of KATY Platform, the sales have boosted a significant 35% across all brands. Moreover, we have also been able to increase our reseller portfolio by 25%.”Ricardo Lopez, MarketPlace Team Leader