How Proactive Engagement Delivers a Better Transformation Journey

Electronica Siglo21, a national distributor of technology and solutions in Ecuador, has over 30 years of experience in the B2B industry. By providing a unique experience to their clients through personalized and professional customer experience, they offer a robust catalog of products in a wide range of categories and a team that offers a complete guarantee and support for purchases.


As pioneers in the technological field, Electronica Siglo21 continues to encourage innovative strategies that benefit their business and promote human development in line with their company vision.

Undertaking new measures to remain competitive is crucial as advancements in technology and the B2B sector continue to grow. Electronica Siglo21 partnered with GCN to fulfill their mission of successfully streamlining their business operations and embracing digital transformation. Through ongoing engagement and collaboration between Electronica Siglo21 and GCN, their adoption of KATY digital platform to centralize and automate their 2-tier distribution was achieved.


As part of the GCN Group global alliance, they gained competitive market advantage, expanded their market leadership and harnessed the power of a strong industry network. Additionally, members create and promote synergy through the IT industry – and Electronica Siglo21 did just that during their integration phase of their digital transformation.

Through their proactive initiatives to execute KATY platform as their new marketplace, Electronica Siglo21 listened closely to their resellers to understand what elements were most beneficial for optimizing digitalization. By keeping an open communication during their digital transformation journey, Electronica Siglo21 accurately outlined which features were requested and required for an effective platform in their territory.

In turn, Electronica Siglo21’s active engagement and proactive efforts empowered GCN to deliver a customized approach to their digital transformation journey, allowing specific features to be implemented for their business needs and requirements. This allowed for a more efficient transformation and integration. Due to these collaboration efforts and the efficiency gained through KATY, Electronica Siglo21 has successfully integrated top vendors into their new marketplace, including Microsoft, Exclaimer and Bitdefender.


KATY is the first platform selling Software and Services with a reach to five levels of users within the distribution chain, creating an interactive digital ecosystem with high profitability business solutions for each member of the channel.

By opening lines of communication and collaborating, Electronica Siglo21 has ultimately helped GCN deliver KATY as the most competitive platform on the market, as it is developed from the various perspectives of the channel. KATY Platform, with the help distributors like Electronica Siglo21 and other experts in the IT industry, is built upon the best practices and feedback ranging from different regions and countries part of the GCN Group. By continuously integrating mutual beneficial features and platform aspects, GCN leads businesses through their digitalization process in the best way possible.

“Through our proactive feedback, KATY Platform now has features customized to our business needs and requirements, making our implementation efficient and effective.”Veronica Villacreses, Digital Ecosystem Manager