How Mutually Beneficial Relationships Lead to Better Business


SED Colombia has served as a leader in the distribution of technology in Colombia through their extensive experience in the IT market and excellent distribution network. Their commitment to quality, continuous delivery of value, first-rate product offers, and strategic leadership has allowed SED Colombia to remain prominent for more than 22 years.

ADM Cloud & Services, located in Spain, proactively leads the distribution of SaaS by offering new ways to expand and launch businesses in the IT channel. Offering a wide catalog of vendors, solutions and additional support to their customers paired with over 20 years of experience, ADM Cloud & Services is committed improving the agility and profitability of their clients.


In the rapid changing B2B market, the DIY approach is not always the best strategy for growth. Collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental to improving business outcomes, which is why SED Colombia and ADM Cloud & Services took advantage of using the industry-wide connections established by joining GCN Group. By leveraging the relationships as members of GCN Group’s global alliance, SED Colombia will be able to successfully integrate Acronis into their vendor portfolio through utilizing the expertise and strategic product knowledge of ADM Cloud & Services.


For a mutual beneficial relationship to succeed, an emphasis on direct communication between each member is vital. ADM Cloud & Services shared best practices for margin strategy, market penetration and pricing strategy to guarantee a greater launch for Acronis in Colombia moving forward.

Through setting up one-to-one meetings with ADM Cloud & Services specialists who work with Acronis, SED Colombia was able to leverage internal communications to prepare the launch of Acronis in LATAM.

By understanding the product knowledge from training provided by ADM Cloud & Services, SED Colombia will be able to ensure their sales professionals can communicate effectively, build trust and confidence, and overcome any common customer objections.


By focusing on a common goal and complementary strengths, SED Colombia and ADM Cloud & Services will ensure successful outcomes for each other. Like most strategic alliances, both players need to gain an edge. In return for their support in building the launch strategy for Acronis in Colombia, ADM Cloud & Services will also benefit from the volume of sales. Their genuine approach to invest in SED Colombia today will generate new lines of profitability in the future and result in higher power of negotiation.

Developing value-aligned relationships are key to fostering synergy and a strategic way for businesses to scale innovation and solve complex challenges. The GCN Group harnesses the industry-based expertise and abilities from all corners of our network to discover new ways to drive collaborative innovation and internal partnerships. By providing value and building authentic relationships within the group to drive business opportunities, the alliance grows stronger as a whole. Mutual beneficial relationships are the driving force in making member within GCN Group thrive. What we give as an investment today will indirectly pay off in the future.

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“The support and expertise provided by ADM Cloud & Services allows us to be secure with our launch strategy for Acronis in Colombia. Getting accurate information such as a price strategy from a credible distributor with proven success gives us a clear view on the expectations and the impact it will have on our business. The opportunity to learn from this relationship has been a tremendous advantage as part of the GCN Group.”John Virguez, Commercial Director at SED Colombia

“As part of a global network, the best way forward is through collaboration and learning from each other. By sharing best practices and providing SED Colombia our expertise with Acronis, we are not only benefiting from additional volume on sales but also helping the GCN Group grow and unite as largest digital network of partners. It’s a win-win for everyone.” Victor Orive, CEO at ADM Cloud & Services