Establishing Trust in Channel Sales


ADM Cloud & Services, located in Spain, proactively leads the distribution of SaaS by offering new ways to expand and launch businesses in the IT channel. Offering a wide catalog of vendors, solutions and additional support to their customers paired with over 20 years of experience, ADM Cloud & Services is committed improving the agility and profitability of their clients.


Creating alignment between their reseller network, ADM is able to reinforce their goals and sales strategies among their partners and demonstrate the importance they play in the long-term business success. Celebrating their success within KATY Platform cultivates an atmosphere of motivation, confidence and a foundation to build upon.

ADM’s incentive program delivers rewards to engage resellers to help them grow their own business and excite them to meet KPIs within KATY. Their incentive program is based on a level and point system to earn discounts for vendors. Each level has a criteria that needs to be met or completed in order to gain points. The more points they acquire, the quicker they can level up and obtain discounts. Each quarter, points are reviewed and discounts are delivered based on their reports.

The level and point system encourage their resellers to complete training courses, utilize KATY for automatic billing with their clients, increase the number of vendors they work with in their portfolio, and so on. Resellers have the ability to help increase their own digitalization as they utilize KATY and transform themselves into a value-added reseller.

These activities not only generate more traffic and success for KATY Platform, but builds a stronger relationship with their resellers, promoting loyalty and trust. It inspires resellers to fully invest in ADM’s success, driving positive brand interaction and collaboration.


The roll out of their reseller incentive program has been met with positivity, as more and more resellers are engaged and prepared to work through KATY.  Transitioning onto ADM’s digital platform is an objective now aligned with both distributor and reseller. Additionally, ADM has realized that the level & points incentive program taps into both existing and new resellers. It strengthens the relationship with their current network whilst driving a new kind of awareness and interest from new resellers wanting to benefit.

By fostering trust through a mutually beneficial incentive program, ADM can rely on their reseller to grow business rather than focusing money and time in looking for new channel partners.

“Thanks to the incentive program in KATY, we have been able to obtain better discounts not only in the ADM Cloud & Services solutions that we currently sell, but in its entire catalog. This has allowed us to obtain better margins while increasing and improving the commercial relationship with them.”