How KATY Platform Increases Visibility & Revenue for a Digital Vendor


N-able supports IT solutions providers with the performance, protection and partnership they need to empower businesses and help their clients to succeed. As a global leader in comprehensive, scalable IT service management solutions for MSPs, N-able has been recognized for best-in-class technology, services, and team, making them the go-to resource for Management & Cybersecurity solutions.


With ransomware as one of the worst security threats to organizations, the need for customers to protect themselves effectively is more present than ever as people continue working from home. Through KATY Platform, N-able can deliver their expertise, tools and resources to manage and secure their customers’ environments.

As automation and integration in the digital channel is a must for N-able’s pay-per-use solutions, handling sales and transactions through KATY benefits all parties involved. N-able have seen their average sales per partner at 35% since partnering with KATY. By utilizing KATY as their digital platform across new markets (e.g., Spain) the opportunity for their brand visibility has increased, resulting in benefits shown directly in sales figures.


In addition to the enhanced visibility for their products, KATY Platform provides automatic billing and invoice management, allowing N-able to generate and deliver billing lines immediately to their clients (purchases, subscriptions, renewals). This value-added feature removes any manual work, resulting in less human error which in turn positively impacts their efficiency.

As an integrated vendor, N-able began capitalizing on the lucrative opportunities that were made available through a digital platform. N-able’s integration with KATY has also driven them to internally improve their offering tools of automation and services to keep up with the digital landscape and industry developments.


Looking ahead, with their integration in KATY Platform providing new value and continuous improvement, N-able will focus their digital marketing efforts through KATY to enter more countries within the GCN Group, allowing them to transition into new markets seamlessly.

We very much appreciate the partnership with ADM Cloud & Services in the Spanish market and their representation of the N-able products line. In addition, we are pleased with the competency displayed in the development of the sales channel across the region which contributed to the success of N-able in the region.

Thomas Witting, Sr Director Global Distribution Sales