How Digitalization Leads to Success in the Channel


SED Colombia has served as a leader in the distribution of technology in Colombia through their extensive experience in the IT market and excellent distribution network. Their commitment to quality, continuous delivery of value, first-rate product offers, and strategic leadership has allowed SED Colombia to remain prominent for more than 22 years.


By utilizing KATY Platform, a transfer of knowledge, and a successful digital transformation journey with GCN Group, SED International in Colombia has achieved meaningful growth with Microsoft. Their mindset and focus aligned with GCN Group’s digitalization vision has positioned SED International as the youngest distributor in the country with the fastest growth in Microsoft.

Even more so, SED International was awarded globally as the #1 distributor in Microsoft’s “Partner Obsession” category, increasing their position by 4 places, demonstrating how digital strategy, a shift in focus and digital transformation is key to success across the channel.


In the past years, SED International has approached digitalization with a forward-thinking mindset and joined GCN Group in order to undergo a digital transformation process. GCN Group led their journey to embed KATY Platform and its technology to drive fundamental change, increase efficiency and deliver new value across their business.

Likewise, as the market began to focus on SaaS products, SED International invested in this opportunity to expand their portfolio and expertise, as it aligned with the vision of industry-leading vendors. They were ahead of the shift, and able to focus on how to increase their share of revenue within a SaaS portfolio as an already digitalized distributor, as KATY Platform allowed them to integrate and launch products faster.


SED International has significant expertise and success within hardware sales, as shown in their leadership of Dell, Lenovo and HP products within the Colombian market. Being a GCN Group partner, SED had the capacity to deliver greater outcomes related to software, by deploying KATY Platform that could meet demands, execute software and services offerings and much more through automation and digitalized processes. Through this transformation to a digital landscape, SED opened the possibility to expand their portfolio and drive new streams of revenue.

Speaking with Styven Aguirre, Commercial Director Transactional Unit at SED International, he outlined the process designed around their success with Microsoft. To meet the developing needs of the SaaS market, Styven and his team developed three-pronged approach to deepen their knowledge and meet the objectives of the Microsoft ecosystem that secured their DPSS Spotlight win as #1 globally in the category “Partner Obsession”.

1 – Identity – to go beyond just delivering a product, Styven and his team focused on establishing themselves to allow for self-assessments and leverage their digitized resources to create a better understanding of the sales path with Microsoft’s software portfolio.

2 – Follow-Up – to create a unique relationship between Microsoft and SED, they dedicated weekly meetings between each other to equip the team with support, skills and resources to meet objectives. By transactioning through KATY, SED had access to reports and metrics to guide them and collect information to better reach their goals.

3 – Recognition – to utilize feedback and successes from their clients and the internal teams in order to better understand their team dynamics and explore ways to design solutions that lead to greater outcomes for their customer and business units.


SED International received international recognition from Microsoft DPSS Worldwide through the Spotlight Awards, which recognizes their work for going further and obtaining results that generate a real impact in 4 different categories. The “Partner Obsession” award takes into account the results obtained in FY22 and illustrates Microsoft’s focus on the value of their partners and SED’s dedication, commitment and teamwork. These are key areas that define successful partners for Microsoft

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The Microsoft DPSS Word Wide Spotlight Award recognizes the work for going further and obtaining results that generate a real Impact in 4 different categories, where SED stood out in the “Partner Obsession” category.