How to Facilitate Digitalization Across Borders


As one of the largest and fastest growing wholesalers of IT technology in the Baltic States, ACC Distribution represents more than 200 suppliers and brands. With 20 years’ experience in distribution with a market coverage of over 4000 active clients and customers, ACC has specialized in business development of IT, CE, Telco, SMB, B2B and HA segments.

As part of the GCN Group, ACC now has a global presence whilst maintaining a deep local expertise, which ensures a unique strategic positioning in their market. By being part of a global alliance, ACC strengthens their vendor portfolio and systemic approach to securing new vendors. Additionally, their resellers directly benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit of ACC to continuously deliver the best offers and service to their clients, as the digital era continues to develop.

In this success case, among the other partnership benefits, we dive down into the power of KATY Platform and how digitalizing ACC Distribution’s sale process promotes value across borders.


To tap into ACC Distribution’s full business value, digitalizing their sales process was key. However, owning and operating an industry platform, much less one platform per country in their case, can result in high cost and significant investment in talent to build and maintain in-house. The decision to not move to a digital approach was not an option, as organizations slow to transition to a digital platform in the corporate world find it difficult to keep up.

GCN Group delivered an approach that met ACC Distribution’s individual needs and a platform that connected with their existing systems, providing technology that balances between immediate need and long-term business goals. As the first GCN Group member to use KATY Platform across multiple countries, ACC Distribution is paving the way with digital utilization for other multi-country Group members.


With operations across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, KATY Platform allows for ACC Distribution to operate with a global ecosystem on a local level to gain the benefits of scale. To ensure scalability, ACC Distribution selected KATY as it can grow alongside their organization’s growth.

KATY Platform is capable of supporting a diversity of businesses with the ability to create country-specific marketplaces and automate their distribution. ACC Distribution can apply country-specific conditions and local considerations whilst still simplifying processes under one platform. Automation accelerates manual work and reduces unnecessary processes, and ACC can now extend their capabilities to focus and grow relationships aligned with their operational strategies.

KATY Platform also promotes coordination between all three countries, as consistent communication is a must-have in our hyperconnected world. With access to their vast reseller network digitally, business management is centralized for an adaptive advantage.


By automating operations, from invoicing to support under one platform, ACC Distribution has help standardizing their processes across each country and, therefore, streamlining business success through digitalization. Through the GCN Group, ACC Distribution remains locally flexible while increasing global footprint.

“We appreciate the functionality and user-friendliness of KATY Platform, which provides us and our partners with great opportunities to speed up digitalization processes.” Žymantas Baušys, CEO at ACC Distribution